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Feathers of Australia, beautiful sculptures of Wozos and wooden birds, Australianised wooden birds made in Perth  Australia

Andre and Cathy recently relocated to Perth where their vibrant artistic business remains on the cutting edge of design and innovation. They keep the hands-on approach to their work which gives it that individually distinctive appeal which is their hallmark. Perth, Birds, Feathers of Australia.

Feathers of Australia artists Andre and Catherine van Niekerk have been artistic collaborators for decades. Together they built the successful business - Feathers of Knysna - in South Africa. Having built an international reputation in their field, they immigrated to Australia on a distinguished talents visa.

Australia’s rich bird life inspired them to produce a unique range of mixed media sculptures, which are now available in leading galleries throughout Australia.

Andre and Catherine live in Gin Gin, where their vibrant artistic business - Feathers of Australia - remains on the cutting edge of design and innovation. They maintain a hands-on approach to their work, which gives it an unique and individually distinctive appeal. This is their hallmark.

"Birds are the Earth's global ambassadors. They recognise no man-made boundaries, only those of the natural world. We should learn from them, for planet Earth is our common living space and our future depends on it." - Andre van Niekerk.


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